Black Salsify Salad

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Total time: 30 min



For the salsify salad, first cook the salsify. To do this, provide a large bowl of lemon water, not too weak. One by one, cut the salsifies into asparagus-sized pieces, scrape them off, rinse them with cold water and quickly place them in the lemon water to prevent them from discoloring.

In a saucepan, bring half milk and half water to a boil, add salsify and cook until tender. (Be careful not to overcook them, they soften quite quickly.) Strain.

For the marinade, whisk sour cream with salt, pepper, and a generous splash of vinegar until smooth. Stir in mayonnaise and/or crème fraîche to taste. Peel the boiled eggs and cut into wedges. Finely chop the dill. Cut salsify into bite-sized pieces and mix loosely with marinade. Mix in most of the chopped dill. Season again to taste.

Arrange the salsify salad in a bowl, sprinkle with remaining dill and garnish with the egg wedges. Salt the eggs to taste.

Preparation Tip:

If you do not have fresh salsify available, use already cooked salsify from a jar or can. The salsify salad can also be refined with ham or chopped smoked meat.

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