Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Fried Calf’s Liver and Walnut Oil

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Total time: 30 min


For the fried calf's liver:


For the soup, sauté onion and garlic in olive oil, add peeled Jerusalem artichoke and potato cut into small cubes. Pour about 1/2l beef broth, add spices and simmer until potato and Jerusalem artichoke are soft. Add approx. 1/2l whipping cream, mix well, season to taste and strain through a sieve.Cut calf’s liver into slices, salt, pepper and roll in chopped walnuts. Fry the liver briefly in clarified butter. Blend the soup briefly with a hand blender, dress with calf’s liver and drizzle with walnut oil.This recipe was provided by: Irmgard SitzwohlYou can find more information about walnut oil at:

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