False Game Roast

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Total time: 1 hour



For the False Game Roast finely dice the onion and bacon and dice the root vegetables. Salt and pepper the meat and fry it in a little hot oil on all sides. Take out again and fry the root vegetables together with the bacon and onion cubes in the remaining fat. Add the spices, stir and pour in some red wine.

Let it boil down and then add soup or water. Now add the meat back in, stir in cranberries and the roughly chopped orange and simmer covered until soft, about 1 1/2-2 hours. Meanwhile, add more soup or water if needed.

Then remove meat again. If desired, mix some flour with sour cream and thicken the sauce with it. Add some whipped cream and let it boil down again. Depending on taste, puree the sauce with a blender. Portion the fake venison and serve with the sauce.

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