Greek New Year Cake – Vasilópita

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



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This pastry bears its name in honor of the church father Vasilios, who worked in the fourth century AD as the bishop of Kaisereia on the territory of modern Turkey. The special feature of this semi-sweet yeast cake is the lucky cents that are baked with it – according to the legend that Saint Vasilios hid gold coins in breads and distributed them to the poor.

First, a dampfl is kneaded from 200 g of flour, water and yeast. After kneading, cover the dampfl with a kitchen towel and let it rest for half an hour next to the radiator, so that the dough can rise. It reaches about twice its original size. Therefore, make sure that you do not necessarily use a cake springform pan, but rather a round baking tray with a half-high rim, so that the yeast dough also has enough space to ferment.

In the meantime, beat three eggs and mix them with milk, light butter, sugar and the orange juice, then add the flour.

Knead this mixture thoroughly with the steam for at least 10 minutes – the easiest way is to use a food processor. Hide the coin in the dough and let it rest repeatedly for half an hour before baking.

Then brush the surface with egg yolk and bake the cake in the heated oven for three quarters of an hour at 180 °C.

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