Homemade Blood Sausage

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Total time: 1 hour


Spices per 1kg mass:


For a homemade black pudding, boil pork head and rinds until the latter are also quite soft. Strain soaked rolled barley and boil with plenty of fresh water until soft. Strain. Fry finely chopped onions in plenty of pork fat until golden. Allow head meat to cool slightly and cut into cubes, making the fatty parts slightly smaller. Put the rinds through a meat grinder (small perforated disc with a diameter of approx. 4 mm).

Roast the had’n flour well, but not too hot, in a pan without fat, stirring well all the time. Now mix well all the ingredients in a not too small bowl with the prepared blood, stirring constantly over low heat in a water bath or on the stove until slightly stiff. Pour into the casings with a suitable ladle – not too bulging. Cut the casings rather shorter (either portion size, but no more than 30 cm).

Simmer in hot, lightly salted water in a large container (but the water must not boil!). The cooking time depends on the diameter of the casings (about 30-40 minutes). Test: pierce with a knitting needle – no more blood should leak out, only some liquid. Let the finished blood sausage cool in cold water for about 15-20 minutes, then put it in the refrigerator. For further use, first heat the blood sausage in water, but do not boil it! Remove, pat dry with kitchen paper and then fry carefully in hot pork fat until crisp.

Preparation Tip:

Fried homemade black pudding tastes especially good if you cut green (raw) back bacon into small cubes, fry it until golden brown and pour it over the sausage (including the fat). As a side dish: roasted apples, sauerkraut or sour turnips. But above all a schnapps afterwards.

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