Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Almond Oil and Crispy Melanzanitatar

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Total time: 30 min


For the melanzanitatar:


For the Jerusalem artichoke soup, peel Jerusalem artichokes and cut into small pieces. Cut shallots and sauté in butter until light. Pour in soup, cook until soft, add cream and blend finely in a mixing glass. Season to taste with salt, pepper, nutmeg and 1 squeeze of lemon juice. To serve, add toasted almond kernels and a few drops of almond oil on top. Cut the melanzani in half lengthwise and cut crosswise on the flesh side. Drizzle with lemon, add salt, pepper, ground nutmeg, crushed garlic and thyme sprigs. Drizzle with almond oil and steam in the oven at 180 °C for about 15 min. until soft. Scrape the flesh from the skin, chop finely, add chopped mint.MELANIAN TIPS: Fry melanzan slices in hot olive oil until golden brown and arrange in layers with the tartare on the plate.This recipe was provided by: Elisabeth Grabmerwww.waldschaenke.atNähere info on almond oil can be found at:

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