Sabayon, Zabaglione, Variants, Part 2 of 2

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Cinnamon variant:

Lime variant:

Campari variant:

Mango variant:


Start: see part 1.

Cinnamon version: Beat the egg yolks with the white wine, sugar and cinnamon in a bain-marie until creamy.

Lime variant: Put all the ingredients for the sabayon in a sufficiently large bowl and beat over a warm water bath to a foamy cream.

Campari variation with whipped cream: Place the egg, egg yolk, sugar, Campari, white wine and fruit juice in a large enough bowl. Whip over a hot water bath until creamy. Next, place on the spot in a cold water bath and stir the sabayon until cooled. Whip the cream until stiff. Stir into the sabayon. Divide the Campari sabayon evenly into soup plates or other deep plates.

Mango variation with whipped cream: For the sabayon, stir together the sugar, egg yolks, mango juice and maraschino in a baking bowl. Beat the mixture over a hot water bath until it begins to thicken.

Remove from the water bath, continue beating in an ice water bath until it has cooled completely. Whip the cream until stiff, fold into the sabayon. Leave to cool for at least thirty minutes.

Important: collapsed sabayon, tips from Annemarie Wildeisen:

> To prepare sabayon. I made everything together in detail according to the recipe

> and at the beginning seemed to succeed as well, but

> Valerie Buehrer, Bremgarten The preparation of a sabayon can indeed have its pitfalls.

Important for the success or a good binding of the sabayon is above all one thing

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