Sweet and Sour Spiced Carrots

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 8.0 (servings)



Peel carrots and cut into even, narrow slices (perhaps with a food processor). Halve pepper lengthwise, remove seeds and finely dice. Peel garlic and also finely dice.

2. Make 50 ml carrot juice with sugar in a large coated frying pan until all liquid has evaporated and a light brown caramel has formed. Add carrots, 2 tbsp pepper, garlic, olive oil, anise, cinnamon and turmeric. Extinguish with 200 ml of carrot juice.

3. make carrots open for 8-10 min. Lift with a skimmer into a suitable bowl, draining. Boil the gravy until thick and pour over the carrots. Season with vinegar and cool.

Roast the sesame seeds in a frying pan without fat until golden brown. Chop mint, add to the carrots form with sesame seeds and 2 tbsp olive oil.

Season with salt, pepper and maybe a little vinegar.

A wok is also suitable for the preparation. Orange juice can be used instead of carrot juice – commercially available or homemade.

Anise powder or ground anise from the trade quickly loses its aroma. Better: grind anise seeds finely in a mortar.

Nutritional value: 6 servings 164 Kcal each/8 servings 123 Kcal each

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