Veal Birds with Balsamic Sauce

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)




Spread out the veal spaetzli and drizzle with a little juice of one lemon.

Season with salt and pepper. Place a slice of prosciutto on top of each pastry.

For the filling, mix the double cream cream cheese with the very finely chopped sage leaves and the plucked thyme leaves. Spread the mixture evenly on the veal spaetzli. Roll them up precisely and fix them with a wooden stick.

Meanwhile, fry the veal birds in hot olive oil for six to seven minutes. Remove from the frying pan and keep warm with the lid closed.

Pour off excess frying fat. Then pour the balsamic vinegar and vinegar over the roast and boil it until it is well half cooked.

Add the veal stock and reduce everything again by half.

Pour the cream to the sauce and bring to a boil. Do everything for a moment. Then add the butter in flakes and work it into the sauce. Season strongly with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Put the veal birds in the sauce and just get them well hot. Serve immediately.

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