Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Root Vegetables

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Total time: 45 min



For the cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup, finely dice the onion. Also cut the Jerusalem artichoke, carrots and celery into small cubes.

Heat the oil in a pot, first sauté the onion briefly, then add the Jerusalem artichoke and sauté.

Add the carrots and celery, pour in the vegetable stock and simmer gently until the vegetables are soft.

Finely puree the soup and add the whipped cream. Season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg and let it simmer for a short while.

Serve the cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup with chives or parsley.

Preparation Tip:

A few slices of deep-fried Jerusalem artichoke make a wonderful chowder for cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup.

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